Erkko Autio appointed to Chair of Entpreneurship and Innovation

Tilburg University has appointed Professor Erkko Autio to the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

Erkko Autio´s research focuses on the intersection between entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation. His current active research interests focus on:

  • innovation ecosystems;
  • entrepreneurial ecosystems;
  • comparative entrepreneurship;
  • business model innovation; and
  • new venture internationalisation.

Underpinning all these is the overarching theme of digitalisation: how is digitalisation impacting entrepreneurship (one manifestation of this being the widespread adoption of ´Lean Entrepreneurship´ practices)? How is digitalisation impacting the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem phenomenon? How is digitalisation enabling value co-creation in ecosystems, in particular through its enabling effect on business model innovation? And how is digitalisation transforming the patterns and sometimes the very meaning of new venture internationalisation?