April 17: Conference Growing Sustainable Businesses

On April 17, 2015 we host the first conference on Growing Sustainable Businesses here at Tilburg University. It is our intention to bring people from business and academia together to share research and experiences on themes related to sustainable business and entrepreneurship. In particular the morning program is interesting for business leaders, and the lunch offers a great networking opportunity. We proudly present a program with enthusiastic experts.

The keynote address will be delivered by Asceline Groot, Senior Communications Officer at ASN Bank, a Dutch consumer bank that focuses on sustainable investments. She is responsible for the online community of ASN Bank "Voor de Wereld van Morgen| (For the World of Tomorrow). She is also a part-time PhD candidate at the Institute of Management Research of the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Her research is concerned with the effects of social entrepreneurs on society. She is the author of the books Het Nieuwe Groen (The New Green) and Dromen voor Altijd (Dreams for Ever).

The morning session will continue with contributions by Professor Johan Graafland (Tilburg University), Professor Enno Masurel (VU University Amsterdam) and Dr. Rodrigo Lozano (Utrecht University). They will address themes of motivation, performance and organizational change.

In the afternoon 3 parallel sessions will take place, with topics ranging from entrepreneurial intention to funding, from incubators to institutional logics, from growth factors to social intrapreneurship.

The organizers thank the Tilburg Center for Entrepreneurship, the Tilburg Sustainability Center,  the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and the European Commission (Marie Curie) for their sponsorship.

Organizing committee,

Prof. Dr. Geert Duijsters
Prof. Dr. Daan van Soest
Dr. Marjan Groen
Dr. Jeroen Kuilman
Dr. James Small

Invitational conference.

Conference Agenda

Friday, April 17, 2015

 8:30   to 9:00  

Registration and reception - Warande building, foyer, ground floor

Plenary session - WZ101

 9:00    to 9:15  

Welcome Address: Geert Duysters, Tilburg University, Vice Dean of Research at Tilburg School of Economics and Management

 9:15    to 9:45  

Keynote Address:  Asceline Groot, ASN Bank / Radboud University
Title: How smart ideas for a better world become sustainable businesses

 9.45    to 10.15  

Speaker one: Johan Graafland, Tilburg University
Title: Extrinsic and intrinsic motivations of environmental performance. Crowding in or crowding out? 

10.15   to 10.30  


10:30   to 11:00  

Speaker two: Enno Masurel, VU University Amsterdam, Acting Scientific Director - Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship
Title: Social and ecological engagement and economic firm performance: correlated or not?CSR evidence from SMEs in two Dutch retail sectors.

11:00   to 11:30  

Speaker three: Rodrigo Lozano, Utrecht University
Title: Planning organisational changes for Corporate Sustainability. An analysis of three case studies’ resistance to change and their strategies to overcome it

11.30   to 11.45  

Reflection on the morning session: James Small, Tilburg University, Scientific Director Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

11:45   to  1:00   

Lunch - Warande building, foyer, ground floor

Parallel session: Entrepreneurial growth: Chair - Enno Masurel - WZ201

1:00    to 1:30   

Speaker one: Marijn van Weele, Utrecht University
Title: Start-EU-up! International incubation practices to address the main challenges of the Western European entrepreneurial ecosystem

1:30    to 2:00   

Speaker two: Michiel Brandt, Nyenrode Business University
Title: The Challenges of Scaling Inclusive Business Models

2:00    to 2:15   


2:15    to 2:45   

Speaker three: Amr Farouk Abdel Shafy, Eindhoven University of Technology
Title: Why some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow and others do not?

2.45    to 3.15   

Speaker four: Jeroen Kuilman, Tilburg University
Title: The demography of resources and organizational growth

Parallel session: Systems and Sustainable Entrepreneurs: Chair - Rodrigo Lozano - WZ202

1:00    to 1:30   

Speaker one: Helen Toxopeus, Erasmus School of Economics, New Economics

Title: Does financing design matter for sustainability?

1:30    to 2:00   

Speaker two: Asceline Groot, Radboud University

Title: Obtaining capital to start a social enterprise

2:00    to 2:15   


2:15    to 2:45   

Speaker three: Monique de Ritter, Nyenrode Business University
Title: Mission driven enterprises in ecosystems as drivers for sustainable system change

2.45    to 3.15   


Parallel session: Motivation and Sustainable Entrepreneurs:
Chair - Johan Graafland - WZ204

1:00    to 1:30   

Speaker one: Hüseyin Doluca, University of Augsburg
Title: The impact of other-regarding behavior on entrepreneurial intentions towards sustainable development: a moderating role of responsibility

1:30    to 2:00   

Speaker two: Ona Akemu, Rotterdam School of Management
Title: Social Enterprise Emergence by Distributed Agency: The Fairphone Case

2:00    to 2:15   


2:15    to 2:45   

Speaker three: Thijs Geradts, Rotterdam School of Management
Title: Kick-Starting Social Intrapreneurship: A Study on Motivational Orientations

2.45    to 3.15   

Speaker four: Nika Salvetti, Nyenrode Business University
Title: What affects the performance and survival of sustainable businesses in the Garment sector of Bangladesh?

Plenary session: Closing Keynote - WZ101

3:30    to 4:00   

Reflection and closing remarks:  Daan van Soest, Tilburg University, Director Tilburg Sustainability Center

4.00    to 5.00   

Refreshments and snacks - Warande building, foyer, ground floor